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02 October 2017 @ 07:28 am
I hope this is okay, otherwise feel free to contact me!
I am getting rid of Toma mags & butai pamphlets, so head over to my je_sales post!

Thank you!
Lot's of love Carry
27 July 2017 @ 07:09 pm

Hi everyone,

I just subbed the latest trailer of Sensei!
can watch and download it HERE.

19 June 2017 @ 10:07 am
hello do you know is there is some English subtitles for mogura no uta 2?

Ikuta Toma and Suda Masaki will be first co-starring in the stage play entitled "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead". It will be firstly played on stage in October for 16 days.

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so, i haven't logged into this LJ account in a long time and luckily i just happened to see in my friends feed, someone warning that LJ has recently been suspending accounts that they suspect are spambots... seems like it's any account that has links in its posts to file sharing websites. and even if those links were posted in locked posts, the account could still be suspended!

in case any of you have accounts with posts that have links to file sharing websites, maybe think about backing up your community or personal journal to dreamwidth SOON!! it was really fast, just look up how to import stuff, it's very easy. i imported my toma's room community to dreamwidth already: https://tomas-room.dreamwidth.org/.

i hope one of the maintainers here will import this community, too. just in case! also, i already got some extra info from someone who commented on my post about importing my community to dreamwidth, so go there for more info in case some more people comment about how to import your stuff successfully: http://toma-room.livejournal.com/257299.html
13 March 2017 @ 10:33 pm
Hi everyone,

I'm desperately looking for episodes 2-10 of Toma's dorama 'Osozaki no Himawari' from 2012. I downloaded the first episode a while ago and finally got to watch it the other day but find it really hard to find the rest of the episodes now ... anyone that can help me out here?

Thanks in advance! ♥
06 January 2017 @ 01:38 am
So I see that no one has posted Toma's guesting in Ikinari yet and I saw it in Dailymotion.

So here it is [[ LINK ]]

If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest that YOU GO AND WATCH IT! It was a really funny episode and I LOVE K8 so much! 
Toma Ikuta & Suzu Hirose to Co-Star in Film Adaptation of “Sensei!”

On October 26, it has been revealed that Toma Ikuta will star in the film adaptation of popular manga “Sensei!” (Fall 2017) It has been 5 years since Ikuta last starred in a romance movie, the most recent being “Bokura ga Ita“. Suzu Hirose will be playing the role of Hibiki Shimada, a high school student who falls in love for the first time with Ikuta’s character, Kosaku Ito.

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11 October 2016 @ 03:32 am

So I was just going through Toma tag on twitter and I saw this. Shirotan greeted Tomato on his bday and I DID NOT SEE IT!!!!! MY HANAKIMI FEELS ARE FLOODING RIGHT NOW!!!!

But the thing is I don't understand what Shirotan said. If I translate it using the google trans, I can kinda understand that he is still being mistaken as Toma?

Can somebody translate this please??? 😭😭😭

16 August 2016 @ 01:55 am

I'm so sorry for posting this in the community,

Hello! my name is Rocio, I'm from Chile and I'm going as an exchange student to japan this semester.  I bought a ticket for Vamp Bamboo Burn play in June for the performance on Wednesday 14th at 12:30. A really nice girl retired my ticket and sent it to me so I have the ticket on my hands. However, due to unfortunate circumstances the university, which I'm going to study, scheduled an important and mandatory meeting for international students at the same time (it couldn't be more exactly) of the performance I was going. So, I'm, quite desperately, looking for someone who can change his/her ticket with me, I don't want to lose my ticket or sell it (that will be my last and saddest option). I'll arrive to Japan on September 8th, I can give the ticket from that date in person.
P.D: Due to the calendar that the university sent I just cannot attend to that perfomance (Wednesday at 12:30 in September, for the performances hold outside Tokyo, I can only go to Saturday and Sunday because of my classes, I know they are the most wanted performances, but because I still don't know my schedule after September I prefer that month)
Thank you! and sorry for any mistake (I’m quite in shock and it’s really late)
If you are interested please contact me to any of these accounts
e-mail: rbbustos@uc.cl